The security systems, in a broad manner, are a set of installations necessary to protect people inside buildings from aggressions such as thefts, sabotages or fire. 


By including these systems, LEVITEC ensures the detection and signalling of a casualty, to subsequently start the actions aimed at reducing the effects (activation of locking mechanisms, communication with the central alarm receiver, connecting video recording cameras, etc.)

The security systems may be variable according to the requirements of the premises to protect and the budget, yet there is a wide range of components (stations, detectors, etc.) with different technical characteristics and qualities, that enable any kind of building to have its corresponding and appropriate security system design.


At LEVITEC we also install access control systems, among other systems, with card reading slots, proximity sensors, biometric sensors, turnstiles, barriers, people counter, vehicle barriers, intercoms, numeric keypads, video door intercoms, automatic door intercoms, etc.

We also install analogical, digital and wireless security CCTV camera systems; night vision, licence plate recognition, facial recognition systems, etc.  

All these systems may be integrated into the buildings' internal management systems that enable their centralisation for an optimum and simplified control.

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