The origin and creation of LEVITECH dates back to 2002, coinciding with the awarding of the first major contract for the execution of the electrical installations at the Intermodal AVE train Station in Zaragoza.

2003 - 2005

During the following years, we broadened our experience with more specific works such as the decorative lighting project of the Roman theatre of Zaragoza in 2003 and also with a contract for the Ejea de los Caballeros Hospital that allowed us to become familiar with the sanitary sector.

Furthermore, in 2005, an electrification, automation and supervision contract for the canal de Cinco Villas (60 km), confirmed the company's good internal operation and the perfect coordination between the Engineering department and the execution teams.

2006 - 2007

LEVITEC, which is always ready to address new commissions, no matter how specialised they are, successfully completed the successive challenges within the first years of operation, which resulted in the first turnkey project in 2006 including the design, management and full execution of the new logistics and exhibition centre of   PORCELANOSA in Plaza (Zaragoza). In 2007 we conducted the first public lighting installations in an underground car park coinciding with the construction of the Parking de la Romareda in Zaragoza for the group Isolux Corsan.


Soon LEVITEC also specialised in Renewable Energy projects with a framework contract in 2008 for the execution of several photovoltaic power stations on ground with tracker and on building roofs, for a total of 7.5 MW performed. Our experience in turnkey projects gradually consolidated broadening the scope of action also including air-conditioning installations. The company's structure gradually consolidated as well as the work teams, and between 2009 and 2011 more than 50,000m² of projects were executed within the logistic and industrial sectors.


In 2012, after 10 years of growth and diversification, LEVITEC signed its star project for a full installation in a logistics platform of 40,000m² for the textile group H&M Madrid. This project confirmed the professionalism with which LEVITEC addressed and addresses each project, optimising the technical and economic solutions to offer its clients the best solutions, always meeting the agreed deadlines.


Madec Contractance

This consolidation was the platform and bridge that enabled to undertake new challenges with a more international dimension, associating ourselves with a leading company in France with more than 50 years experience in installations in the commercial sector, MADEC ELECTRICITÉ.
With an important value added in Engineering, this company has a highly consolidated and prestigious portfolio of clients and projects in our neighbouring country.   The aforementioned merge between LEVITEC and MADEC ELECTRICITÉ has enabled, thanks to a close collaboration, the creation of a new company that operates for different clients within the French territory: MADEC CONTRACTANCE

The duality of this new structure, with double experience, undoubtedly efficient and competitive, favours a total control of the projects throughout all the development stages regarding the regulatory and commissioning aspects, a total guarantee in the compliance of the quality standards as well as an after sales service with an effective rapid response. 

Following our continuous business evolution and development, today LEVITEC has a prestigious portfolio of projects in France, Germany, Portugal and Italy.